Link 1 – So Good At Being In Trouble. Structure + Instrumentation + Harmony
Link 2 – So Good At Being In Trouble Score


Length: 3.50

Tempo: 104

Key: Verses are in D Major / Pre-Chorus + Chorus in C Major

Total Bars: 93

Time Sig: 4/4




– Lo-fi bedroom feel. Everything is fairly small. Almost mono.

– Sparse arrangement

– Vocals are enveloped in the mix.

– It sounds like the drums have been programmed or it could be a loop. To add interest the drum are automated by a HPF.

– To add movement the hi-hat slowly becomes more prominent in the mix

– The vocals are doubled and extend wider in the chorus

– Great use of 7th chords, the rhythm guitar chord are plucked with fingers like piano chords

– The verses are in D Major and the Pre-Chorus and Chorus are in C Major. Uses the A major chord to get back to the key of D (V chord in the key of D).

– Exotic sounding scale in the outro

– Instrumentation doesn’t change much

– Delay on the lead vox in Verse 2

– The movement is coming from the bass

– The bass and vocal melodies complement each other nicely

– Octave bass and guitar for main riff

Two main hooks

1) bass/guitar riff between sections. Pulls you in straight away.

2) chorus vocal line


– Drums

– Bass

– Electruc Gtr rhythm (plucked chords)

– Lead Vox

– Electric Gtr Lead