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Comping in Pro Tools

Comping is the process of recording multiple takes and selecting the best segments of each take into one ‘composite’ track. This can produce a perfect track from a series of imperfect versions. Many DAW’s have tools and special editing functions which allow for comping but if your DAW doesn’t, it’s just as easy to create [...]

Using Parallel Effects in Pro Tools

Aux tracks are an incredibly flexible tool used in music production. Amongst other applications they are used commonly to create submixes, parallel effects sends and monitor mixes. Read on for some quick+dirty theory plus a demonstration on setting up parallel effects in Pro Tools.   Pre/Post Fader Sends? Sends can be configured to be Pre-Fader [...]

Lessons from Wastelands & How to Land a Mini Studio Internship

In early 2016 I snagged a studio internship with Joel Quartermain at Wastelands Studio. The main project was a full length album with the legends from Sydney band Caravana Sun. Read on for key lessons and how I landed the opportunity. Persistence is Key After studying for a year (Cert IV composition/music tech) I wanted to continue to [...]

Using a Gate/Expander

A gate (also called an expander or noise gate) is a type of dynamics processor used to increase the signal’s dynamic range. Read on for some nuts & bolts theory plus a demonstration on using a gate to remove noise in a guitar track.   Nuts & Bolts A gate works by attenuating the signal below the threshold. [...]

Synthesis 101 | Amp Envelopes

Synth’s are made up of several building block components, one of which is the Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) or amp envelope for short. This post explains the amp envelope and demonstrates some common envelope configurations with diagrams and audio examples. The VCA The VCA is always attached to a modulator called an ‘envelope’. The job [...]

Lessons from Debaser

In late 2014 I recorded a bunch of songs with local producer/engineer/lord Andy Lawson at his newly finished studio. After much insistence he agreed to let me assist/make coffee/play Fifa/cuddle Cherry and Dusty. Here are some gems I extracted from by grubby little note pad.   Drums – Tuning, setting up and finding the appropriate drum [...]